In May of 2014, the Connecticut State House of Representatives and Senate generously conveyed 34 acres of pristine state farmland to the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Inc. Located on Old Farm Road in the heart of Newtown, Connecticut. The property’s breathtaking woodlands and rolling meadows will one day be home to the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.

As we continue to make progress on the physical structure, we see Catherine’s vision unfolding before our very eyes. Recently, a steel pavilion sculpture was generously erected on the property – a quiet place to meet, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful views.

All planning and zoning approvals have been granted.  Once fundraising goals are reached, we plan to officially break ground for the main building in 2019.

Sanctuary Gardens

Once prized for its nutrient rich soil, but long since overgrown, the original gardens of the property are being restored to their early splendor. Volunteers and work crews have begun construction on the stunning Sanctuary Gardens. One foot high raised beds are taking shape, mapping the footprint for the future 300 foot site. The Sanctuary Gardens will be the hub for special programs such as Junior Master Gardening classes and farm-to-table vegetarian cooking classes. Additional organic produce will be used to feed the sanctuary animals and provide ingredients for Catherine’s Cafe’s menu. The Sanctuary Gardens will bring those together who find simple pleasure in growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers while providing a unique revenue source for the sanctuary.

Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary

Paddock Fencing

A good walk will refresh the mind and body, for humans and animals alike. Equestrians can ride their horses along the sanctuary’s many serene paths and then give their animals a rest in one of the beautiful paddocks constructed by Rescue Rebuild. Once farm animals are on site, the cows, pigs, goats and sheep can enjoy the fresh air and deep green grass in the safety of these state of the art fenced paddocks.

Butterfly Gardens

As open space and natural meadows continue to dwindle, butterflies and their cycles of growth and reproduction are greatly impacted. The Sanctuary is working to change that. We’re happy to announce that the first of seven new butterfly gardens have been planted at the property and are in full bloom, providing a safe and succulent migration space for many endangered butterfly species. In addition, we are working with Audubon Bent of the River to offer free workshops to the community on protecting and nurturing these special and fragile creatures.

Invasive Removal

Led by the University of Connecticut’s Department of Invasive Plants, we have been busy at work removing choking vines and invasive roots at the Sanctuary property so that native plant species can thrive. Individual volunteers along with groups and companies such as Alexion Global Securities, Tracy Locke and Newtown Youth Football are donating their time to help transform this beautiful land to its natural splendor.

Do you work for a company that devotes a day to community service or would you like to lend a hand? Contact for more information. Can’t volunteer but still want to help? We’re also looking for donations of used or new tools for our renovation projects. Check out our wishlist to see what materials are needed:

Barn Rebuild

Barn Rebuild

In the spring of 2016, we welcomed volunteers from Rescue Rebuild of as they worked tirelessly to renovate and transform the dilapidated barn on the Sanctuary’s property into Catherine’s Rescue Barn – the future home of our rescued farm animals.

Watch Video

Among the volunteers who joined us this spring were folks from Happi House. We are so grateful they would share their time with us and Catherine’s story with their viewers.

Watch Happi House Video
Watch the video diary of this incredible project