The CVH Animal Sanctuary’s stunning main building will be the greeting point for animals and people alike – a beacon signaling a home of compassion and healing.

The future sanctuary facility will reflect Catherine’s empathy for all creatures by providing unsurpassed care for its animal residents, hands-on educational programs for the community and volunteer opportunities for those looking to share their time and knowledge.  The state-of-the-art buildings, committed to utilizing eco-friendly technology and staying true to the integrity of the land, will always keep the tranquility and health of the animals and the environment at the forefront.

Latest Build News
Embodying Catherine’s vision…

The pavilion entrance point, the heart and soul of the building, was thoughfully designed to represent Catherine, its red terracotta tiled roof symbolizing her radiant hair and spirit.  The colonades on either side represent her out reaching arms, ready to embrace every animal and person who enters.

What’s Been Done

  • – The Sanctuary found its forever home!  34 acres of property gifted by the State of Connecticut, valued at $5 million.
  • – PH Architects provides pro bono designs, consultants and services to sanctuary
  • – Pavilion sculpture installed at property
  • – Hiking and equestrian trails – “Trail of Angels” – cleared and cleaned
  • – Acres of invasive plants removed for meadow restoration
  • – First phase of Catherine’s Rescue Barn completed
  • – Paddock fencing installed
  • – Installation of community garden beds
  • – Norway spruce trees planted to shelter migratory birds
  • – All building approvals granted by Newtown Planning and Zoning


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What’s Happening Now

  • – Twenty sugar maple trees planted to replace invasive shrubs
  • – Bailey Bridge installed for temporary bridge access
  • – Blue Buffalo gift of $250,000 towards Veterinary In-take facility
  • – All mill work fabrication donated for library
  • – Prepping and safe guarding property by reinforcing erosion control measures, installing extensive silt fencing, and creating water stops to protect Deep Brook River/Creek bordering the property.
  • – Phase one of the sanctuary’s construction begins!  Building codes require a retaining wall and, in keeping with our mission, this structure will be utilized and transformed into a 12,000 sq. foot native “Butterfly Garden”, providing crucial food and migration space for butterfly species and pollinators.

What’s Ahead

  • – Construction of public access road
  • – Construction of main building which will provide multi functional space to support and expand current programming. This will include welcome center, gift shop, Catherine’s Cafe, meeting and event spaces, commercial kitchen and library
  • – Construction of veterinary intake facility and animal caretaker housing
  • – Final renovations to Catherine’s Rescue Barn


                             Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary

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