The sanctuary believes that learning and compassion are as timeless as those who embrace it.

Humane, nature-based programming is now expanding to senior centers and memory care facilities – bringing the outdoors to the ones who need it most! In 2018, the CVH Animal Sanctuary piloted a special workshop at Maplewood Senior Living in Bethel, CT. Residents were fully engaged in investigating the wonders of nature without leaving their facility.

Praise from Maplewood’s director, Gina Saunders: Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful program to our residents at Maplewood. I knew they would enjoy the program but I never dreamed of seeing the responses we saw! I was totally shocked to see how long some of the residents were able to sit and concentrate. The program was so engaging and fun for the residents, their smiles and laughter continued throughout the day. The experience was truly priceless!  We will definitely have to repeat this program again.”