Using the property’s network of meadows, woodlands and trails, the Sanctuary offers innovative programs for children and adults that foster a connection with the natural world.

As stewards of the land, we are currently working to restore the Sanctuary property to its natural grandeur while adding to its beauty.

Over the past year, we have worked with the University of Connecticut’s Invasive Plants Department to develop an invasive plant management plan. This year, we look forward to coordinating volunteer teams to continue these efforts. To learn more about how your group can help or to schedule a corporate/group work day, email

The Newtown Bridle Lands Association, in conjunction with the 2nd Governor’s Horse Guard, has worked tirelessly to re-establish 1.5 miles of equestrian trails that weave through the Sanctuary’s forest. We welcome you to come enjoy the quiet serenity that these trails offer.

A Butterfly Garden embraces the Pavilion at the Sanctuary providing an opportunity to witness the beautiful butterflies and pollinators that come to visit our garden. Visitors are also able to learn which plants and flowers they can add to their own yard from our plant identification stakes.

As we work to remove the invasives, our birding area emerges from the overgrowth providing a private little Sanctuary for our bird friends. Experience the beauty and peacefulness of bird watching while enjoying a seat on a bench or enjoying a picnic at the Sanctuary.

In all the Sanctuaries splendor and beauty many visitors enjoy the hiking trails, indulge in the peaceful quiet of nature or walk the property with their canine companion. These self guided programs offer the community the opportunity to visit and enjoy all the Sanctuary has to offer on their own time. We invite you to come experience nature, you may be surprised by it’s abounding beauty.