A sacred space, a whispering meadow, a path to healing…

Nestled in the very heart of Newtown, spread over 34 acres, lies a beacon of hope – the future site of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary. In September of 2014, the state of CT conveyed this spot of pristine state farmland, with breathtaking woodlands and rolling meadows, to the CVH Foundation. Located only minutes from the highway, the sanctuary is easily accessible from Boston and New York City, making it an ideal destination that hundreds of thousands can enjoy over time.

Once the facility is constructed, the CVH Animal Sanctuary will offer companion animal adoption, farm animal refuge, wildlife rehabilitation and release programs, and on-site educational workshops. In the meantime, the CVH Animal Sanctuary continues its commitment to improving the lives of all creatures, finding forever homes for over 300 animals and providing safe haven for countless others. Through the Senior Paw Project, collaboration with tri-state animal rescues, emergency assistance to animals in crisis, and nature-based programming to students and community alike, the sanctuary continues to make a difference in lives every single day.

Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary