The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary transitioned from lofty dream to attainable reality in just a matter of months, thanks in large part to the great kindness of people who cared.

To honor Catherine’s dream to care for all animals, we initially asked that donations in her memory be made to The Animal Center, a local, volunteer-staffed non-profit group that rescues animals through a foster network. In the week following, donations, cards and gifts poured in from all corners of the world, sparking the tangible beginnings of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary. From the start, we were confident that these funds would allow us to develop the Sanctuary Catherine would have wanted; a place born of the inherent love she had for all living things.

Since our inception, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and selflessness of so many supporters, from international organizations, such as the ASPCA, Best Friends, and the Jane Goodall Foundation, to local children who have hosted charitable lemonade stands or forgone birthday presents, in favor of requesting that donations be made to the Sanctuary. We are so grateful for this generosity, not only because the Sanctuary will be a place of healing and refuge, but because it will also be the realization of Catherine’s dream.