In order to stay true to Catherine’s vision, the sanctuary works with several advisory boards that provide direction, support mission focus and consult on current and future initiatives. Their work is instrumental to the sanctuary on both local and national levels.

Children’s Advisory Board

In order to stay true to Catherine’s vision, we felt it was important to allow our thinking to be guided by the minds of children. To do so, we created the Children’s Advisory Board.

The Children’s Advisory Board is a unique committee comprised of children who we’ve seen exhibit determination, compassion and acceptance, and who have in one way or another, reminded us of the virtues and values Catherine embodied. The Children’s Advisory board helps to steer our decisions and keep us on the right track as we execute the Sanctuary’s mission. Routinely integrated into each step of the process, its members ensure that all we do is in keeping with the pure heart of a child.

Members: Reagan Bajus, Kaia Close, Annie Harrigan, Freddy Hubbard, Anna Ochs, Benjamine Ochs, Sadie Paulos, Jack Sullivan, Maeve Sullivan, Dante Verna, Maddie Stites, Caroline Mahoney, Aidan Tucker

Junior Executive Board

The CVH Animal Sanctuary’s Junior Executive Board is made up of teens from across the country working together to enrich the lives of all beings through compassion and acceptance. By spearheading local and national initiatives, building relationships and fostering connections through youth involvement, the Junior Executive Board gives teens a forum to inspire the change they wish to see in the world.

Maddie Stites, Jr. Executive Board Lead
Members: Hannah Groonell (Newtown, CT), Kaia Close (Greenwich, CT)

Catherine’s Peace Team

Catherine’s Peace Team (CPT) is part of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation. Inspired by his Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt, nine-year-old Jack Sullivan of Rochester, NY wanted to help keep his cousin Catherine’s memory and spirit alive. His initial vision was to raise enough money to plant a lilac tree with a plaque in her honor at his elementary school. What he didn’t expect was to motivate kids and teens from all across the country to get involved and help raise money for the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary. From bake sales and bottle drives to birthday party donations and a teen dance, CPT kids have raised well over $100,000 to help make Catherine’s dream a reality. CPT’s signature event is the annual Peace Party, which gathers kids and teens of all ages for a family-friendly evening all while raising money for the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.