Every year, Catherine asked for a birthday party that would bring all of her favorite animals together – Catherine’s Butterfly Party is that wish fulfilled.

This FREE family-focused festival and pet adoption event features fun activities for adults and kids alike including face painting, games, crafts, vendors, food trucks and live music.

A special peek into Catherine’s Butterfly Party compliments of Lauren’s Crazy Pet Show…

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Beautiful Butterflies

Ana Mallozzi
Andrew Beylouni
Aunt DI
Benjamin Buckley
Cassandra Jane Collins
Catherine McElroy
Catherine Violet Hubbard
Cindy Capers
Danicha Branley-Weiss
Daniella Crisci
David Beylouni II
Dina Berg
Dr. Romaine Jesky-Smith
Elizabeth Osta
Elizabeth Schultz
Eric R. McEvilly
Erin Mitchell
Grant James
Hannah Elizabeth
Helen Wu

Beautiful Butterflies

Hope Bray
In Memory Of Nieve Magda
Jake Wilson-Johnson
Jean Austin
Jeanne Capurro
Jennifer Manning
Josephine Schweighardt
Kelly Kathleen Ford
Kelly Rollins
Linda Mayoros
Luke Fitzpatrick
Martha Grove
Mary Lou Shawver
Mary Mitchell
Mary Rick
Michael Reeve
Miles Davis Smith
Norah Schultz
Our Darling Daughter, Kbear
The Toy Tree

Beautiful Butterflies

Patti Boyle
Reid Mitchell
Rose Capurro
Russell Sarich, Jr.
Susan Schultz
Tulip Riolo
Sam Paoli
Madeline Paoli
Elle Paoli
Mia Paoli
Lucia Paoli
Lila Gray
Liv Hepburn
Edie Donofrio
Lena Donofrio
Katja Pils
Clem Kayes
Jennifer Hubbard
Dr Niki Gianni