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The Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501 (3) c organization.  The foundation was created for the exclusive purpose of supporting charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes that honor the memory of Catherine Violet Hubbard, a first grader lost in the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Inspired by her pure and kind spirit, and her love for all creatures the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation will operate by Catherine's defining virtues:


We treasure all living things and believe that all creatures, great and small, deserve to live free from harm in their natural environment.  We will approach all creatures with a sense of kindness because we believe that is what builds a better world.


We believe in the innate beauty and grace of animals, nature and people.  We accept all creatures where they are at and will help them achieve what they aspire to become.


We will always challenge ourselves to make sure we are doing the best job we can possibly do.  Our first goal is to make Catherine’s dream of creating a safe haven for all animals by building and supporting The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.  

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Hubbard

As President of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Jennifer is committed to fulfilling her daughter’s dream of being a Caretaker of all animals. Jennifer Hubbard graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College holding a BA degree in art history and communications. Upon graduating from college, she worked for a Fortune 100 company for 9 years. Jennifer left the professional workforce to raise her 2 children. Jennifer and her husband Matthew are determined to see their daughter’s foundation support those causes that best represent their daughter and her life.

Matthew Hubbard

Matthew holds 19 years of practical experience in business intelligence and global analytics. Matt is known for his unmatched track record of success, passion for people and animals, and desire to make good come out of the loss of his daughter. As Vice President of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Matt will work to see that his daughter’s passion and kindness for animals is shared with the world.

Kelly McCormick-Sullivan

Kelly McCormick-Sullivan is president and CEO of the Pluta Cancer Center, a not-for-profit cancer treatment facility in Rochester, NY. Kelly has a strong commitment to the nonprofit sector and community service. She has served on the boards of the Women’s Foundation of Genesee Valley, the American Lung Association of NY and the Rochester Hearing and Speech Center. She has also volunteered at Unity Health System, the March of Dimes, Sidelines, the National Kidney Foundation and the Monroe County Department of Health. Kelly holds a BA in political science from The Catholic University of America, an MA in public communication from American University, a master’s certificate in human resources from Cornell University and an MS in health systems administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. As Catherine’s aunt, she is committed to keeping Catherine’s memory alive by supporting the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation and those organizations that reflect Catherine’s kindness and love. Kelly has enjoyed watching the success of Catherine’s Peace Team, founded by her son, Catherine’s cousin, 9-year-old Jack Sullivan. She lives in Pittsford, NY with her husband, Dan Sullivan, and their 3 children—Jack, Maeve and Brynn.


Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation Advisory Board

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, Inc. has sought the support and counsel of leading experts in various fields.  Cornell Veterinary Medical School, the Jane Goodall Institute, P|H Architects, University of Connecticut Department of Invasive Plants , among others, provide insights to our programming and development plans.

 Children's Advisory Board

Inaugurated in December of 2014, the Children's Advisory Board is comprised of 10 children whom have demonstrated values and characteristics consistent with Catherine.  The Children's Advisory Board meet quarterly and provide insight and feedback against sanctuary programming and initiatives.  It is through these children that we stay centered on seeing the sanctuary through the eyes of a child